IETAInternational Emissions Trading Association
IETAIndustrial Electronics, Technology, Automation (international conference)
IETAInsulation & Environmental Training Agency (UK)
IETAInheritance and Estate Tax Act (Pennsylvania)
IETAIndigenous Education and Training Alliance (Australia)
IETAIndependent E-Mail Trust Authorities
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IETA CEO Dirk Forrister told AFP his organisation represented a range of firms, including those working to reduce global emissions.
Regional and international level discussions on climate change have hitherto been hijacked by fossil fuels industry-backed trade groups like IETA that exploit the introduction of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement or market-based mechanisms to interfere and capture talks.
This year's summit has attracted participation from leading local, regional and international sustainability organisations such as the United Nations Environment, IETA, and the European Union.
The strength of our work was the prospective design, large number of enrolled patients, and the experience of US examiners and pathologists involved as well as strictly standardized reproducible protocol used to evaluate the histological findings (based on FIGO 2009 and generally recognized IETA recommendations).
The IETA, which includes major energy companies such as BP and Shell among its members, would like to see more provisions enabling countries to link up carbon pricing systems.
Morales, EECP Therapist/Coordinator for Tricity Cardiology and member of The International EECP[R] Therapists Association (IETA), at 480-993-1044 or email us at
Os inventarios de emissoes de GEE seguem metodologias propostas por diversos protocolos e normas disponiveis para a realizacao de inventarios desta natureza, como por exemplo, as normas ISO 14064-1, 14064-2, 14064-3 e 14065, o GHG Corporate Protocol do World Business Council for Sustanable Development (WBCSD) e World Resources Institute (WRI), o Verification Protocol da International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) dentre outros.
Translated by Ramona Uritescu-Lombard, Rodica Ieta, and Maria Ionita
As you read this article, carbon is being traded in the same ways as wheat, cocoa, sugar or any other commodity: the price of a tonne of the stuff was around 16 [euro] in mid-October, and IETA reckons that it will rise to 30 [euro] or 35 [euro] by 2020.
Standard & Poor's will be participating in two side events in Cancun, with the Carbon Market Investors Association (CMIA) and International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), to discuss the issues raised in this special report.
The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), for instance, is an association of 174 firms with an interest in the carbon market.