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IETMInteractive Electronic Technical Manual
IETMInformal European Theatre Meeting
IETMInitial Eocene Thermal Maximum (geology)
IETMIntegrated Electronic Technical Manual (US Army)
IETMInternational European Theatre Meeting
IETMIntegrated Engine Technical Manual (US Air Force)
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BCTM sustainment technology products PS-MRS (for diagnostics and prognostics), IETM (for interactive digital technical manuals), LDSS (for planning sustainment resupply), and LDMS (for achieving PBL) are naturally linked to AILA.
So if you have trouble reading your IETMs, upgrade your version of EMS to match (or exceed) the software version the IETM was authored in.
IETM is not a trade fair, it's about taking part in discussions on various issues, but there is obviously a unique opportunity to try and promote the companies in SWARM to IETM members.
Westar, which supported the development of the Army's first MIL-STD-40051-1 compliant IETM, also researches future automated publications technologies for use by AMCOM.
Make sure TM 9-2320-326-14&P in IETM EM 0288 (Oct 08) is used to verify your M978A4 HEMTT's hydraulic pump assembly has failed.
After doing more research in the IETM and seeing all the components involved in the system and their functions, we decided to check the tank fuellevel-sensor in the No.
Most problems with the M230 can be completely eliminated if you clean and lube the weapon like it says in the round- and time-dependent checks listed in IETM 1-1520-LONGBOW/APACHE for the AH-64D and E.
Furthermore, the E-IML quickly, securely and cost-effectively distributes IETM support content (maintenance information, rapid action notices, service bulletins) to maintenance depots and field engineers around the world.
You won't see the MUA listed in the base HEMTT IETM or operator's manual.
The EMS NG Viewer and ADM can operate on several operating systems and personal computers, but the primary computer for any EMS IETM is the MSD.
Steps within the TaskGuide procedure specifications can provide rapid access via hyperlinks to background facts and concepts managed and presented by an IETM.
To call it simply an IETM is not enough," said Mike Maziarka, director of the Dynamic Content Software Strategies, InfoTrends/CAP Ventures.