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IETMInteractive Electronic Technical Manual
IETMInformal European Theatre Meeting
IETMInitial Eocene Thermal Maximum (geology)
IETMIntegrated Electronic Technical Manual (US Army)
IETMInternational European Theatre Meeting
IETMIntegrated Engine Technical Manual (US Air Force)
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In the press run-up to the conference, IETM spokespeople noted that states, religious movements, lobbying groups, corporations, families, the media and artists across the globe have all had a hand in gaging artists' freedom of expression.
BCTM sustainment technology products PS-MRS (for diagnostics and prognostics), IETM (for interactive digital technical manuals), LDSS (for planning sustainment resupply), and LDMS (for achieving PBL) are naturally linked to AILA.
The IETMs provide immediate access to the service manuals and parts catalogs for all eight models of LAVs used by the Marine Corps and will tie into on-board diagnostic and configuration management systems, as well as parts ordering and inventory systems, according to a recent news release from Enigma.
Within this system, the user interacts with the IETM while the IETM interacts with an external source such as an embedded sensor in a truck engine, or an expert system such as a parts database.
Alongside IETM sessions and workshops, the Finnish Dance Festival offered glimpses of local choreography.
To hold costs down, to immunize IETM databases from obsolescence of presentation and querying systems, and to allow the information to be available on a wide range of different types of machines (from mainframes to CD-ROm belt packs for use in the field), the DoD needs a standard way to represent its technical data.
TWB's expertise can be leveraged across functions which include Engineering, Software Development & Support knowledge through user manuals, quick reference guides and instruction guides, product overviews, Illustration/3D drawings; Marketing & Sales knowledge through whitepapers, case studies, newsletters, flyers, brochures, websites, blogs & forums and web based flash demos; Training, Implementation and Support knowledge through e-learning, demos, troubleshooting guides, course materials, installation guides, IETM generated documents and Process Documentation knowledge through ISO & CMMi documentation, policy manuals, process work flow documents.
On disk one of your latest IETM (interactive electronic technical manual) release is a "Help" folder that contains guides to help troubleshoot and maintain your database.
The IETM is being developed, with coordination at the Signal Center training department, Space and Missile Defense Command/ARSTRAT, Network Command and PM DCATS.
The IETM is the biggest theatre network in Europe and gives theatre bosses a chance to experience the best of local performers and talk about the latest developments in the arts.
At the same meeting, two demonstrations were given, one of Boeing's REDARS system and United's EMSYS implementation, and the other of a prototype IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) developed by Ford.