IETMSInteractive Electronic Technical Manual System
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The company's 3D software easily creates interactive 3D documents directly from CAD drawings, while its unmatched compression enable uses ranging from technical illustrations and electronic training manuals (IETM) to 3D sales presentations and assembly instructions.
To ensure that each LAV has customized support, IETMs pull content directly from a configuration management system, giving crew members the ability to see the information related to their specific vehicle configuration and any modifications or planned modifications for an individual LAV.
Contextual analysis The reason most soldiers find IETMs difficult to use and the reason for their failure in field usability tests is that designers do not understand the situation or the environment in which IETMs will be used.
Department of Defense (DoD) has been working to develop technology and document architecture for revisable databases in support of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) as replacements for paper technical manuals for logistic support of military equipment [24].
Until all IETM conversions are complete, however, the field workaround is to use Windows XP on MSD-V2s.
I couldn't find any amplifying information anywhere in IETMS or any other inspection cards.
Even more restrictively, the MH-60R integrated electronic technical manuals (IETMs) dictate an error limit of plus or minus 60 feet before maintenance action is required on the BARALT.
Updating the MSD's brain helps you get the most out of interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs).
One of the in-process inspections on the installation MAF read: "WITNESSED INSTALLATION OF STBD RUDDER ACTUATOR IAW IETMS." I had signed that process inspection ...
Remember, the only official maintenance publications published and authenticated are IETMs, TMs, MWOs, and TBs.