IETPInteractive Electronic Technical Publication
IETPInnovative Energy Technologies Program (Alberta Energy; Alberta, Canada)
IETPInternet Engineering Task Force
IETPInternational Educators Training Program (Queen's University; Canada)
IETPIndustrial Effluent Treatment Plant
IETPIntegral Environmental Target Plan (Netherlands)
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"In my 25th week of pregnancy I developed a blood condition - an auto immune condition called IETP, which meant that I had a dangerously low level of platelets in my blood.
Tenders invited for Supply, fabrication and testing of cs-ptfe lined pipe components for process pipelines for ietp and vspp units including preparation of isometric drawings and erection, commissioning and testing.
California-based XML-based aerospace technical information management solutions provider InfoTrust Group said it has launched its TechSight/X Mobile IETP for line maintenance and its native TechSight/X iPad application for flight operations.
The current effluent treatment plants (EFPs) are set to be replaced by a 1,000m/h integrated effluent treatment plant (IETP).
Inspection and maintenance at NH90 NFH is done at intervals specified in "Interactive Electronic Technical Publications" ("IETP").
Tenders are invited for Ietp Supply Of Chain Pulley B