IETTImmediate Exercise Treadmill Testing (cardiology study)
IETTInitiatives in Educational Transformation Teaching (George Mason University; Virginia)
IETTIstanbul Elektrik Tünel Tramvay Sirketi
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According to the information provided by the IETT General Directorate, vehicles that serve millions of people every day have a detailed interior and exterior cleaning to provide a more healthy environment for the passengers.
* Istanbul Elektrik Tramvay ve Tunel Isletmeleri Genel Mudurlugu (IETT), Internet Sitesi
As an indicator, there are 13,532,745 average passengers in public transportation system of Istanbul and 2,039,837 of them use IETT. This is a very high number when it is compared with the world average.
There are nine garages in IETT and the number of busses and the spaces are shown in Table 1.
IETT has been in operation for over 130 years and is Turkey's largest public transport operator.
IETT had earlier given an order for 50 CapaCity buses in mid-2007, and an additional 100 buses during 2008.
Bununla birlikte gelecege yonelik mastir planlamalarinda da yine Metrobus ve rayli sistemlerin agirlik kazandigi gorulmektedir (IETT, 2006; IETT, 2007b; IETT, 2007c; IETT, 2007d).
IETT plans to implement such as system at every garage and metrobus platform, which will help in preventing 8,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide gas emissions annually.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Protesting the ISIL's Kobani attacks a group of PKK sympathizers set two IETT buses and a garbage truck and a car ablaze in Istanbul.
Customers: The three major transport operators of Turkey, namely IETT in Istanbul, EGO in Ankara, and Eshot in Izmir.
BMC announced that it has inked a contract with Istanbul Electricity Tramway and Tunnel (IETT) to supply city buses.