IEUBKIntegrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic Model for Lead in Children (US EPA)
IEUBKIntegrated Exposure, Uptake and Biokinetic (lead exposure model; US EPA)
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Short Sheet: Overview of the IEUBK Model for Lead in Children.
The potential effects of Zn on gastrointestinal uptake of Pb are of interest because risk assessment for Pb involves use of the IEUBK model for lead in children (2,3).
Lead experts have recently criticized the IEUBK model and how it is being used to establish a lead cleanup level for the El Paso cleanup.
As you know, the IEUBK model is controversial," wrote Bruce Lanphear, MD and Director of the Cincinnati Children's Environmental Health Center, in a May 31, 2004 letter to TCEQ Regional Administrator Richard Greene.
EPA's IEUBK model and ALM, which predict BLLs expected as a consequence of environmental lead exposure.
Guidance Manual for the IEUBK Model for Lead in Children.
To develop an exposure regime for the IEUBK model input, we note that indoor residential dusts generally show Pb concentrations about two times higher, on average, than the corresponding outdoor soils, although these results may have been influenced by fine particulate automotive Pb emissions (Clark et al.
Mean observed BPb values for recent Indianapolis data are lower than the 1994-1998 results in Syracuse, so IEUBK model input values would have to be lower to replicate the observations.