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IEWInternational Education Week
IEWInter-Environnement Wallonie (now: Fédération wallonne des associations d'environnement)
IEWInstitut für Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung (German: Institute for Empirical Research in Economics; University of Zurich; Switzerland)
IEWIntelligence & Electronic Warfare
IEWInternational Energy Workshop
IEWInternet Everywhere
IEWInstitute for Excellence in Writing (Atascadero, CA)
IEWInformation Engineering Workbench (Knowledgeware)
IEWIndogermanisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch (German: Indo-European Etymological Dictionary)
IEWInstitut für Europa- und Wirtschaftsvölkerrecht (German: Institute for European and International Economic Law; Switzerland)
IEWInnovation and Enterprise Week (conference)
IEWIndustrial Electronic Wiring Ltd. (UK)
IEWInstitute of Eastern Wisdom (Haiku, HI)
IEWInteractive Extreme Wrestling (role-playing group)
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Outstanding students and guidance counselors from local high schools were also honored during IEW in a High Achievers' and Counselors' Recognition Ceremony.
IEW will be held at the Dusit Thani in Abu Dhabi and is expected to draw 200 participants from across the region.
It can be correlated internally with a cluster of Burushaski words which we have derived (Casule 2003a: 36-37) from IE *dhe(i)- 'to breastfeed' (IEW 242), also with the -1- formant, i.e.
This article will explore three areas--mechanical maintenance, IEW and signal maintenance, and TUAV maintenance--and provide suggestions on how to realize the full potential of the BSTB.
But coach Joey Jones, who is keen to bring on s ome of the club's youngsters and also has a trialist on v iew this evening, w ill probably name the eager Edwards among his substitutes.
The company is conducting feasibility studies for a high-performance Independence-Enhancing Wheelchair (IEW).
iew. Those figures are rising every day as hundreds of people register their CVs.
Recently, Cindy Hake, a CMS senior policy analyst and a frequent presenter at the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators (AANAC) national meetings, described these initiatives in some detail in an interv iew with Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management Editor Richard L.
"Many effective police interviewers intuitively use some of our [memory-retrieval] principles, and the cognitive interv iew takes advantage of the fact that witnesses also intuitively do some of these things to remember information."
According to media reports, an argument broke out between two communities over parking in Them Iew Mawlong area on Thursday.