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"The Dubai regional office is hugely important to us," said Roger Caynor, President -- Broadcast & Communications at IEWC.
In this paper, a novel approach called Integral Equation-Wavelet Collocation (IEWC) is presented.
With 20 locations across eightcountries, IEWC is a global provider of total connectivity solutions for sub-assemblers, OEMs and the broadcast and communications industries.
Six months earlier, the system was so bug-ridden it couldn't take the field for its own initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E), but at the end of March, the US Army's Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensor (IEWCS) system rolled out of the National Training Center (NTC), Ft.
This officially transitioned the program away from IEWCS.
Prophet Air requirements call for COMINT coverage from 20 MHz to 2 GHz -- as well as the ability to detect and locate the sources of low-probability-of-intercept signals -- over a 120x50-km area (as compared to 40x40-km coverage area required under the now-defunct IEWCS program).
The IEWCS program was an ambitious set of three US Army programs that aimed to provide ground troops with networked signals-intelligence (SIGINT) and EW capabilities, including intelligence gathering, precision targeting and coordinated jamming (for more on IEWCS, see "US Army to Field IEWCS, Update Requirements and Transition to Prophet," JED, September 1998, p.
The IEWCS program was to modernize the Army's SIGINT equipment at the division level but never achieved the maturity and reliability necessary for operational testing, deferring five initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) milestones between 1994 and 1998.
Following the tests, the Army decided that its IEWCS operational requirements, dating back to 1990 for the GBCS equipment and 1992 for the AQF, should reflect new battlefield technologies and operational concepts.
The GBCS-L is the first system in the Army's Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Common Sensor (IEWCS) family to undergo operational tests, and it may soon be fielded to meet the urgent operational needs of some divisions.
Under the MEWSS Product Improvement Program (PIP), the USMC's 12 fielded MEWSS vehicles will receive new SIGINT equipment and possibly some jamming upgrades based on the Army's IEWCS equipment.