IEWTDIntelligence & Electronic Warfare Test Directorate (Ft Huachuca, AZ, USA)
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IEWTD comprises two divisions: Test Division and Technical Support Division.
IEWTD uses both hardware and software systems designed to test system requirements to determine system vulnerabilities.
The primary purpose of IEWTD's use of M&S is to create a threat-based multi-spectral environment to ensure operational realism.
IEWTD's goal is to improve the live, virtual, and constructive applications involved in portraying the threat based, multispectral environment so that the warfighter, warfighter staff, and ISR analysts will have an increasingly difficult time determining whether it is live or simulated.
To ensure provision of a common operating picture to the warfighter, IEWTD works closely with TRADOC on intelligence doctrine and the application of high-technology solutions to intelligence distribution.