IEXInformation Exchange
IEXIon Exchange (chromatography)
IEXIrish Enterprise Exchange (est. 2005)
IEXIndian Energy Exchange (New Delhi, India)
IEXInternational Expert
IEXInter-Exchange Carrier
IEXIon Exchange Experiment
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Insectotropics consists of actress Mar Nicolas, video artists Marta Lopez and Andre Cruz, painters Xanu and Iex, musician Danio Catanuto, and producer Maria Thorson.
IDEX (NYSE: IEX) is a company comprised of 40 diverse businesses around the world.
IEX is India's first and largest energy exchange and commands a 94.8 percent share in the power exchange market as of FY 2017.
The Signal, first integrated into IEX's Discretionary PegTM (D-Peg) order type, is a centerpiece of IEX's evolving market design, which sets a new standard for investor and Member protection not available on other US stock exchanges.
Since 2013, the IEX Group has been operating an alternative trading system that has been described as a way to surmount some of the high-frequency trading techniques portrayed in Michael Lewis' controversial book ( "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt." The privately held company is backed by buy-side players such as the Capital Group, Fidelity Management & Research and the Vanguard Group, while drawing on the guidance of sell-side players such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays and J.P.
In its first initiative, IEX sponsored a school bus for Isha Vidhya School in Erode, Tamil Nadu.
Brad Katsuyama and all of the ex-traders and programmers who created IEX, exemplify leaders in their field.
IEX is headed by Brad Katsuyama, the hero of Michael Lewis's book "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt," which focuses on the dangers of high frequency trading and Katsuyama's possible solution: an online securities exchange that will slow trading by all participants - including high-frequency traders -- by 350 microseconds.
Lease negotiations for IEX were handled by a CBRE's Rocco Laginestra and Rob Wizenberg.
The book seems aimed at convincing the public that high-frequency trading is bad and that firms should be trading on IEX, because the other "markets are rigged." This emotion-provoking tagline has prompted cries for regulation, launched legislative committee hearings, and forced trading firms to defend the integrity of the financial markets.
The book also thrust IEX, and its CEO, Brad Katsuyama, former head of electronic trading at a unit of Royal Bank of Canada, in New York, into the spotlight.