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IF1Initiation Factor 1 (molecular biology)
IF1Inhibitory Factor 1 (molecular biology)
IF1International Formula 1
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Follow-up analysis of the interaction between the factors irrigation frequency (IF) and time of exposure to salinity (TES) for the variables total number of fruits (TNF) and number of aborted flowers (NAFL) IF TNF NAFL TES 105 TES 60 LSD TES 105 TES 60 LSD days days days days IF1 64Bb 78Aa 4.
Walker, "How the regulatory protein, IF1, inhibits F1ATPase from bovine mitochondria," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
Influence Index Factor (IF) IF1 Construction Construction duration progress (%) IF2 Actual cost A[C.
1916-1936, file 153; "Letters from Lloyd Brazileiro to the Minister of the Treasury", Rio de Janeiro, 28 January, 1893; 13 February, 1894; 9 August, 1895; and 30 April, 1896, in Arquivo Nacional do Rio de Janeiro (ANRJ), Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, Section Companhia Lloyd Brazileiro-diversos, 1893-1897, IF1 N.
Then two RF clock sources, whose frequency are at IF1 and IF2, respectively, are used to separate the P2P signal from the downlink signal and thus realize the communication between the two wireless users.
Care Improvement Plus, IF1 Health Solutions, and Harvard Community Health Plan.