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The follow-up analysis of the interaction between TES and IF revealed that inside the highest TES (105 days), the irrigation frequency with one irrigation every two days (IF2) reduced NAFL by 20.45% and increased TNF by 9.86%, in comparison to the IF with one irrigation per day (IF1).
Comparando-se os fragmentos florestais entre si, os solos com coloracao avermelhada a amarelo-avermelhadas prevaleceram nas IF 1 e IF2, enquanto nas IF3 e IF4 sobressairam os solos com cores brunadas e amareladas.
(IF2) [[mu].sub.A](x) [greater than or equal to] min{[[mu].sub.A](x * y), [[mu].sub.A](y)}
At drupa, the inks were wet trapped using Comexi's new iF2 Icube concept Central Impression (CI) cylinder press and cured instantly by exposure to ESI's EZCure-DF EB in-line electron beam, which is installed in an innovative "short web path" press layout.
Modulation of ribosomal recruitment to 5'-terminal start codons by translation initiation factors IF2 and IF3.
A DC amplifier is used to eliminate the imbalance at the IF1 and IF2 output ports.
Finn-Power International Inc, Schaumburg, IL, introduced the TP5 IF2, a 33-ton hydraulic turret punch press.
The nucleotide sequences of 7 genes including the ATP synthase alpha chain (atpA), the DNA polymerase III alpha subunit (dnaE), the chaperone Hsp70 (dnaK), the elongation factor G (fusA), the 2-isopropylmalate synthase (leuA), the 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E1 and E2 components (odhI), and the DNA-directed RNA polymerase beta chain (rpoB) were taken from [22, 23], while sequences of 9 genes involving ATP synthase beta chain (atpD), the heat shock proteins GroEL and GroES (groES, groEL1, and groEL2), the translation initiation factor IF2 (inf B), the DNA recombinational repair system (recA, recN), the alpha subunit of DNA dependent RNA polymerase (rpoA), and the manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase (sodA) were downloaded from the NCBI database (
Here we note that the P2P signal is down-converted to an intermediate frequency (IF, e.g., IF2) rather than baseband.
Several alternative, broadly conserved, and phylogenetically useful gene sequences have also been explored as bacterial species markers, including 23S rDNA, internal transcribed spacer regions, hsp65, rpoB, recA, sodA, gyrB, IF2, and EF1A.
Also, if2 injections of a specific vaccine are necessary, an older vaccine could prime, so that only 1 injection of the new vaccine would be needed.