IFAAInternational Field Archery Association
IFAAInternational Federation of Associations of Anatomists
IFAAInstitute for African Alternatives (University of London, UK)
IFAAInternational Federation of Adjusting Associations (UK)
IFAAInternational Fantastic Art Association
IFAAInstitut für Angewandte Arbeitswissenschaft eV
IFAAInstitut für Afrikanistik und Ägyptologie (Department of Africanistics and Egyptology at the University of Vienna)
IFAAIntelligence Functional Area Assessment
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The original quote, "As more biosimilars come to market, we need to make sure we're educating consumers, especially those managing autoimmune diseases, about the safety and efficacy of these products," was construed by some to mean that IFAA was questioning the safety and efficacy of biosimilars.
IFAA supports patient access to the most appropriate treatment options as determined by the patient and their healthcare provider, whether a biosimilar or reference biological product, and is committed to working with the FDA to ensure that relevant information is accurate, consumable, and readily accessible for patients and providers.
5% of BCNE cases) were suspected of Q fever and underwent Q fever serological analysis by IFAA.
In addition, Q fever serology testing through IFAA is not accessible to all hospitals.
IFAA was founded on June 19, 2015 to provide secure and easy-to-use Internet identity authentication service that can be accessed everywhere in Internet.
CIFA is able to do this work successfully because it acts as a neutral convener for multiple faith groups to join together on common issues of concern, and because it seeks to build IFAAs as indigenously controlled and managed organizations that are explicitly not subordinate to CIFA.
We initially approached Andy because of his in-depth knowledge and experience in publishing and exhibiting airbrush art,'' said Dru Blair, president of the IFAA and the official artist of Paramount Studios.
IFAA, Independent Fee Appraiser Agriculture -- oriented to agricultural real estate.
ISDF) has announced their official dissolution and relocation to a new home at IFAA - International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis.
Not only will all of our resources be preserved, but I believe IFAA can continue our work and take it to a level even beyond what we were able to do.
Pese a que los terminos adeno y neurohipofisis no han sido incluidos en latin, sino en griego, en Terminologia Anatomica, es rescatable que conserven el espiritu de la propuesta realizada por IFAA en 1989, en el sentido de denominar las estructuras anatomicas con un valor informativo.
The FCTA and the IFAA consider the cardia (cardia; pars cardiaca) to be a distinct anatomical part of the stomach in the International Anatomical Terminology, but it does not define it (SBA).