IFAAInternational Field Archery Association
IFAAInternational Federation of Associations of Anatomists
IFAAInstitute for African Alternatives (University of London, UK)
IFAAInternational Federation of Adjusting Associations (UK)
IFAAInternational Fantastic Art Association
IFAAInstitut für Angewandte Arbeitswissenschaft eV
IFAAInstitut für Afrikanistik und Ägyptologie (Department of Africanistics and Egyptology at the University of Vienna)
IFAAIntelligence Functional Area Assessment
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The original quote, "As more biosimilars come to market, we need to make sure we're educating consumers, especially those managing autoimmune diseases, about the safety and efficacy of these products," was construed by some to mean that IFAA was questioning the safety and efficacy of biosimilars.
Travelling Representations in the Market: The International Folk Art Alliance (IFAA) Website
burnetii antigens by IFAA. All patients showed elevated IgG Phase I and Phase II antibody titers.
China-based fabless semiconductor company Spreadtrum Communications has entered into a strategic cooperation with Internet Finance Authentication Alliance (IFAA) to jointly promote the framework and development of an iris-based payment authentication system in China, the company said.
(2001b), 'Oil and the civil war in the Sudan' London: Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA), www.ifaanet.org/ifaapr/oil_sudan.htm [accessed 11/16/2008]
CIFA's approach is to establish "Interfaith Action Associations" (IFAAs)--interfaith NGOs based in developing countries that can serve as new coordinating mechanisms to support interfaith public-private partnerships across a variety of development issues.
Atef Dkhili (cap.) - Iheb Mbarki (Mohamed Ali Guizani 27th), Bilel Ifaa, Siam Ben Youssef, Ali Maaloul - Hatten Baratli, Nafaa Jebali (Bilel Ben Massoud 75th) - Slim Jedaid (Hamza Mesaadi 67th), Nour Hadhria, Issam Jebali (Wejdi Jebari 46th) - Khaled Ayari.
''IfAa Jesus Christ comes here he cannot own property, because he was born in Bethlehem.
Turkish Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy Association became a full member of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) during a annual congress of the IFAA in Cape Town, South Africa, Celik said.
I'll give you an example: ifAa you wandered into a medieval market, 800 years ago, the swarthy merchant displaying his wares, would probably beAa adorned in a splendid white robe with ruby-colored lining, he'd have black eye-liner on for dramatic effect, and a colorful parrot would be perched on his shoulder, hinting at a life spent travelling in faraway lands.
Any lawyer can give advice on this, or the questioner can look up the publishing of this particular law to get more details ifAa s/he needs.
The International Fitness and Aerobic Academy (IFAA) has now approved The Kangoorobics programme and classes will be launched across the UK during 2003.