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The IFAB said the VAR will be used, with the intention of minimising unfairness caused by 'clear and obvious errors' or 'serious missed incidents', in relation to goal / no goal, penalty / no penalty, direct red card (not second yellow card)and mistaken identity (when the referee cautions or sends off the wrong player).
According to IFAB protocols, VAR should only be used in four key cases: goals, penalties, direct red cards and mistaken identity.
IFAB said in a press release that the decision "represents a new era for football with video assistance for referees helping to increase fairness in the game".
A spokesperson for IFAB told Press Association Sport these results will be discussed at the meeting and a vote will be held to provide an "indicative recommendation" to the AGM.
It's an assessment that is difficult to counter -- provided the IFAB rules are strictly followed -- but problems remain.
Referring to IFAB, which is comprised of the four British FAs and FIFA, Samoura said it "represents 211 member associations" and its rules must be applied "uniformly".
Fifa president Gianni Infantino said in Cardiff following the IFAB AGM: "We have taken really a historic decision for football.
After much debate, the IFAB agreed in principle that one element of the "triple punishment" may be removed and that this element should be the automatic one-match ban.
The IFAB allowed for that to be tested over a two-year period following a request from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), a trial that turned up no problems.
However, following a request from the Asian Football Confederation, the IFAB allowed for their safety to be tested during the trial.
The panels, a football one made up of former players and coaches, and a technical panel of referees and law experts, will provide guidance and recommendations to IFAB, the body made up of FIFA and the four British home associations which makes the final decision on law changes.
IFAB unanimously overturned the ban and agreed to rewrite the laws after studying reports by a FIFA medical officer.