IFABCInternational Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations
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The estimates provided are checked against the data audited by IFABC (2013), ComScore and OJD Interactive to ensure that, regardless of its accuracy, they have the validity needed to establish comparative studies.
La Internacional Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulation (IFABC) es un organismo de certificacion internacional que esta presente en cada pais.
Now that the roulette selection strategy is discarded in IFABC, the onlookers will directly choose their corresponding employed bees to search locally using (12).
The situation is similar but not so significant regarding IFABC. It is because the roulette selection strategy is discarded in IF-ABC, abandoning the feedback information hiding in the objective function values.
According to IFABC Global Web Standards, a unique user (UU) is an IP address plus a further identifier.
In a sense, IFABC sacrifices part of its convergence speed for the ability to avoid premature convergence [22, 39, 40].