IFACSInstitute for Advanced Christian Studies (Vancouver, WA)
IFACSInternational Fine Art Conservation Studios, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
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The USAID IFACS program seeks to reduce the threats of deforestation and climate change by helping to conserve Indonesia's tropical forests, wildlife, and ecosystem processes, including carbon sequestration.
The USAID IFACS program aims to cut in half the rate of Indonesian forest degradation due to illegal logging, over-harvesting, fires, and other forest loss across more than 10 million acres of forested land in targeted areas.
Tetra Tech will provide technical support to help Indonesians improve land and forest resource governance; build local awareness, capacity, and support for a landscape approach to forest management; develop private sector, local enterprise, and market linkages in support of the program goals; and provide overall project management services for the USAID IFACS project.