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IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development
IFADInternational Forum on Accountancy Development
IFADInstitutionalized Farmers as Distributors (National Food Authority)
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IFAD has financed 27 rural development programmes and projects in Pakistan since 1978, with a total IFAD investment of $730 million or $2.
The signatories who penned the agreement are Rasha Omar, Country Program Officer, IFAD and DEA Joint Secretary Sameer Kumar Khare IAS.
Representative of IFAD, Nabil al-Mahayni, said that the IFAD has financed seven projects in various governorates with a total cost of USD 474 million.
He was IFAD's focal point to the OECD/DAC Poverty Network (POVNET)--Agriculture Task Force on Pro-poor Agricultural Growth, and convener / coordinator of the Natural Resource Management and publisher of IFAD website: Livestock and Rangeland Knowledgebase www.
Since 1979, IFAD has been working in Yemen to enhance rural economic growth by supporting national programmes in the agriculture and fisheries sectors and focused on enhancing food security, women's empowerment and community development.
He explained that IFAD was gratified to implement projects that were aimed at transforming and empowering the rural communities in the agriculture sector particularly the women.
To improve water-use efficiency and land productivity, the project will create opportunities for isolated and poor farming communities, including small farmers who incurred losses during the 2006 war," said Abdelaziz Merzouk, IFAD country program manager in Lebanon.
Participants also debated natural resource management in sub-Saharan Africa, IFAD Rural Poverty Report 2010 and small holder agriculture and family farming in Asia and Latin America.
6 percent in Arab countries has led to a constant rise in demand for water, according to a report issued by IFAD.
This initiative will further consolidate the partnership between the Kingdom and IFAD in ensuring food security, combating poverty and providing rural employment," said Kanayo F.
The IFAD has founded eight rural development projects in El Salvador for more than $108 million.
Shipping a tonne of corn from a farm in Iowa to Mombassa, at $50, costs half of the price of transportation from Dar-Es Salam, just 650 miles away, explained Mohammed Beavogui, director of Western and Central African operations of IFAD (International Fund for the Agricultural Development), a United Nations initiative launched three decades ago, to help the rural poor, worldwide.