IFAGInstitut Fuer Angewandte Geodaesie (German: Institute for Applied Geodesy; Frankfurt, Germany)
IFAGInstitut de la Francophonie pour l'Administration et la Gestion (Sofia, Bulgaria)
IFAGInstitute for Applied Geodesy (Frankfurt, Germany)
IFAGInstitut für Angewandte Gesundheitsforschung
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Median age at diagnosis of IFAG was 43 months, and the children were subsequently followed for a median of 3.9 years before their evaluation for possible rosacea.
Noteworthy is that the majority of Diwaniya Pronce's townships and villages had witnessed similar demonstrations recently, causing the suspension of al-Hamza township's council, 30 kms to the south of Diwaniya, as well as Ifag's council, whilst at least 3 demonstrators have been injured by sporadic police fire.
She said IFAG had requested the papers, and said they would give an added justification for a judicial review.
He added IFAG had already collected 3,615 objections to the scheme.
IFAG mounted a strong campaign against the WRU's previous planning application, which was rejected by Bridgend council's development control committee in December.
But IFAG believe it would take away a large part of the ``scarce remaining countryside to the south of Bridgend'', bring more traffic chaos to the A48, further overstretch schools, doctors' surgeries and hospitals and jeopardise the future of dormice which it, and the Countryside Council for Wales, believe live on the site.
IFAG members believe that if the change goes ahead, it will improve the chances of the academy and associated houses and business park being built on countryside at Island Farm, just south of Bridgend town centre.
``We have won this round,'' said IFAG's chairman Anne Morgan.
IFAG member Kim Murata said the development was dangerously close to the protected village of Merthyr Mawr and would spoil it.
With the support of thousands of people IFAG is determined to defeat the development.''