IFAJInternational Federation of Agricultural Journalists
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The accessible population for this study consisted of members of the IFAJ who receive email communication from their respective national guild.
Recruitment during both the pilot test and formal data collection processes was completed in a purposive manner due to the limitations of the IFAJ organization.
Prior to full deployment of the instrument, a pilot test was conducted with the five members of the IFAJ Presidium.
IFAJ is a not-for-profit independent professional association headquartered in Arnhem (Netherlands).
IFAJ members report daily in newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, and Internet portals across the globe, covering a wide range of topics, from agricultural markets and rural development policies, to biofuels and issues of sustainable production, to nutrition and the challenges of feeding a growing population in a sustainable way.
It will help us reach the goals of our strategy for 2020 and being more relevant to agricultural journalists in all parts of the world - especially in the global South and in countries who are not yet members of our organization, the IFAJ President said.
Identify important global agricultural issues, according to IFAJ executives.
Identify important domestic agricultural issues facing each country of the IFAJ, according to the executives who represent the country.
Identify resources the executives of the IFAJ use to report on important global and domestic agricultural issues.
The IFAJ s Star Prizes are considered to be the most significant awards in agricultural journalism.
On Friday we'll welcome the IFAJ crowd with a big o1' cowboy party at Billy Bob's, "The World's Largest Honky Tonk," followed by a rodeo at the Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards.
IFAJ is expected to draw 175 attendees from Europe, Asia and other continents.