IFALPAInternational Federation of Air Line Pilots Association
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IFALPA represents in excess of 100,000 pilots in more than 100 countries world-wide.
Mr Peter Quaintmere, Technical Director for IFALPA, puts the figures into even further perspective by pointing out that, although the absolute number of crashes in Africa may not seem to have risen sufficiently sharply to warrant the sudden pin-pointing, the situation has been bad for many years.
Dedicated to promoting the highest level of aviation safety and providing representation, support and services to its member associations, IFALPA has 12 standing committees that develop programs, policies and information documents on various issues such as safety, dangerous goods, and accident analysis and prevention.
Solid contributions were made particularly by Captain Brian Greeves of IFALPA, John Wagstaff from CAD's ATMD and Edmund Wong of the Airport Standards Division.
With circulation of 13,000, it is read by senior officials in airports, airlines, industry, international consultancy organizations, ground services and key organizations such as IATA, ICAO, ACI, ECAC, EAGOSH, ARTEX and IFALPA.
EKP will be used to manage pre-requisite courses for those nominated to attend IFALPA Training Courses, and educational and training materials for IFALPA members.
The proposal to establish this separate UN number was introduced by IFALPA and overwhelmingly approved by the UN panel.
Prior to yesterday's election, he had held the position of principal vice-president of professional affairs for IFALPA, in which he was responsible for coordinating IFALPA's industrial policies on a worldwide basis.
Charges would be brought under section 261 of the Brazilian Penal Code "for placing a vessel or aircraft in jeopardy," according to IFALPA.
IFALPA has called the NTSB's findings 'profoundly troubling' and says that support for the suicide theory is based on 'very thin evidence' according to The Associated Press.
Thus far, only contradictory facts, rumor and unsupported allegations have been forthcoming from Brazilian government officials," IFALPA said.
IFALPA has stated that the investigation into the 31 October crash of SIA flight SQ006 'has reached the stage where nothing further can possibly be achieved by the continued detention of these pilots.