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39) A brief biography is: Ibrahim Amin Ghali, Vivant Denon ou La conquete du bonheur (Cairo: IFAO, 1986); more recent is Philippe Sollers, Le Cavalier du Louvre (Paris: Plon.
40) Jean-Claude Vatin, introduction, Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte, pendant les campagnes de General Bonaparte, by Vivant Denon (Cairo: IFAO, 1989 [reprint]), 12.
Monographie des tombes I a 72 [Cairo: IFAO, 1992]).
This book presents the contributions of the "Table Ronde" held at the IFAO from 24 to 26 September 2001.
Devauchelle after the author's manuscript had been deposited at the IFAO press in 2002 (p.
This is standard practice in IFAO temple volumes and one day should allow a large-scale study of the relationship between texts and position, to enhance our understanding of the complex "grammaire du temple.
In Tod I, the texts and scenes 1-172 were hand-drawn, allowing the hieroglyphic signs that were not in the extensive IFAO font set to be rendered accurately.
A possible location for the burial shaft of TT340 is mentioned, but only with reference to Bruyere's report--we are not told whether Bruyere's records in the IFAO in Cairo were consulted.
These two tomes document several seasons of archaeological survey and excavation conducted by the IFAO along the ancient route linking the Roman, and likely Ptolemaic, port of Myos Hormos on the Red Sea coast of Egypt with the Nile emporium of Coptos.
Each section includes a bibliographical reference and notation of the IFAO photography, a brief description of the scene, a translation of the text, and a conclusion with a section of copious notes.
2] [Cairo IFAO, 1975]) allow appreciation of the precise shapes of the hieroglyphs.