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IFAOInstitut Français d'Archéologie Orientale (French: French Institute of Oriental Archeology)
IFAOInternational Federation for Artificial Organs
IFAOInstitut für Angewandte Osteopathie (German: Institute of Applied Osteopathy; Bitburg, Germany)
IFAOInnovative Farmers Association of Ontario (Canada)
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39) A brief biography is: Ibrahim Amin Ghali, Vivant Denon ou La conquete du bonheur (Cairo: IFAO, 1986); more recent is Philippe Sollers, Le Cavalier du Louvre (Paris: Plon.
40) Jean-Claude Vatin, introduction, Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte, pendant les campagnes de General Bonaparte, by Vivant Denon (Cairo: IFAO, 1989 [reprint]), 12.
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Monographie des tombes I a 72 [Cairo: IFAO, 1992]).
In Tod I, the texts and scenes 1-172 were hand-drawn, allowing the hieroglyphic signs that were not in the extensive IFAO font set to be rendered accurately.
The author and the IFAO are to be warmly congratulated for bringing further Theban tombs, particularly of such unusual style and dating, to publication, and at a very reasonable price (other publishers, please note
The bulk of the ostraca and other finds from the IFAO Myos Hormos road project are early Roman, from the first and especially second centuries A.
Scholars interested in the subject eagerly anticipate future publications on various facets of the fieldwork undertaken by the IFAO along this important ancient trans-desert thoroughfare.
2] [Cairo IFAO, 1975]) allow appreciation of the precise shapes of the hieroglyphs.
For these reasons, we must be grateful to the editors, as well as the IFAO and the AIDEA, for providing such a fruitful forum for discussion.