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IFARInternational Foundation for Art Research (research organization for visual art works)
IFARInstitute for Aging Research
IFARInternational Food Assistance Report
IFARInternational Fanconi Anemia Registry (research and support group)
IFARInternational Fund for Agricultural Research
IFARInterdisziplinäre Forschungsgruppe Abrüstung, Rüstungskontrolle und Risikotechnologien (German: Interdisciplinary Research Group on Arms Control and Disarmament)
IFARInternational Fund for Avian Research (bird support organization)
IFARItem Frequency Analysis Report
IFARInitial Fire Support Automation System
IFARInternational Forum for Aviation Research (Germany)
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Genotype-phenotype correlation studies performed in the black and Afrikaner populations in SA show that the frequencies of physical anomalies mirror the IFAR data in some respects, but also highlight population- and possibly mutation-specific features in our patient cohorts (Table 2).
[17] cohort had an IFAR score >4, also indicating the high number of somatic anomalies in each patient.
"But IFAR's objectives won't work unless racing jurisdictions buy into them.
Here's what happened WOOD THE CHILDREN'S n a part of Glasgow where green spaces are few and Ifar between, one group has fought to keep the last wild area from being built on - and make sure local children get the most out of it.
An analysis from the international Fanconi anemia registry (IFAR) data showed that over 60% of FA patients presented short stature (below the 5th percentile), while birth length and weight below the 5th percentile was respectively reported in almost 30% and nearly half of FA patients [40].
All the architecture files we have used for experimentation extract their parameters from the iFAR (intelligent FPGA architecture repository).
As part of an international team involved in this research, NASA will share its findings with the 24 member nations that make up the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR).
Os resultados do IFC, IDC, IFAR e IFAP foram divididos em quartis, obtendo os seguintes grupos: IFC (I: < 30 contatos; II: > 30 e < 60 contatos; III: > 60 e < 98 contatos; e IV: > 98 contatos); IDC (I: < 2 contatos; II: > 2 e < 4 contatos; III: > 4 e < 6 contatos; e IV: > 6 contatos); IFAR (I: < 61 ajudas; II: > 61 e < 119 ajudas; III: > 119 e d" 189 ajudas; e IV: > 189 ajudas); IFAP (I: < 60 ajudas; II: > 60 e <120 ajudas; III: > 120 e < 186 ajudas; e IV: > 186 ajudas).
Hariri was speaking during an Ifar at his Beirut residence attended by a number of MPs and political figures.
It is appropriate to check with the International Foundation for Art Research (ifar.org) and The Art Loss Register (artloss.com) if there is a questionable provenance or break in the chain of title.