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IFARInternational Foundation for Art Research (research organization for visual art works)
IFARInstitute for Aging Research
IFARInternational Fanconi Anemia Registry (research and support group)
IFARInternational Fund for Agricultural Research
IFARInterdisziplinäre Forschungsgruppe Abrüstung, Rüstungskontrolle und Risikotechnologien (German: Interdisciplinary Research Group on Arms Control and Disarmament)
IFARInternational Fund for Avian Research (bird support organization)
IFARItem Frequency Analysis Report
IFARInitial Fire Support Automation System
IFARInternational Forum for Aviation Research (Germany)
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IFAR membership is growing and the group is maturing with every passing year, said Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator of NASA s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in Washington and current IFAR chair.
IFAR participants commended NASA for its leadership in alternative fuels and air traffic management research and development, and its supersonics working groups.
Median age at detection of MDS or AML was 13 years (1 month to 32 years), and actuarial risk of developing MDS or AML by 40 years of age was 52% according to IFAR [19].
This year a total of 13 scientists from around the world were chosen to receive the IFAR awards.
Founded in 1985, IFAR was set up as a support organisation for international agricultural research.
We also thank all the participants in the second IFAR colloquium: David Andes, Robert Bonomo, John E.
IFAR is a multidisciplinary, international group concerned with evaluating current knowledge regarding antimicrobial drug resistance and the means for its control
In response, IFAR has published a 'Global White Paper on Bacterial Resistance in Respiratory Tract Infections' to help focus on what needs to be achieved to tackle the ever-increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance.
Collectors should try to find an insurance company that can offer assistance with restoration or repair, and that is a member of IFAR (the International Fine Arts Register), which works with law enforcement and insurance companies to try to recover stolen items.
The IFAR can be reached at 500 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1234, New York, NY 10110 (tel.