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IFARInternational Foundation for Art Research (research organization for visual art works)
IFARInstitute for Aging Research
IFARInternational Fanconi Anemia Registry (research and support group)
IFARInternational Fund for Agricultural Research
IFARInterdisziplinäre Forschungsgruppe Abrüstung, Rüstungskontrolle und Risikotechnologien (German: Interdisciplinary Research Group on Arms Control and Disarmament)
IFARInternational Fund for Avian Research (bird support organization)
IFARItem Frequency Analysis Report
IFARInitial Fire Support Automation System
IFARInternational Forum for Aviation Research (Germany)
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17] cohort had an IFAR score >4, also indicating the high number of somatic anomalies in each patient.
A key function of IFAR is to provide help and support by sharing expertise and good practice on a global basis, while recognising cultural differences.
IFAR membership is growing and the group is maturing with every passing year, said Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator of NASA s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in Washington and current IFAR chair.
As variaveis IFC, IDC, IFAR e IFAP foram, posteriormente, dicotomizadas em "baixa frequencia" (grupo I) e "outras" (grupo II + grupo III + grupo IV) para melhor visualizacao dos resultados e conducao da analise estatistica.
USG People is to open a central coordination office in The Hague, which will handle all activities relating to the IFAR contract.
Median age at detection of MDS or AML was 13 years (1 month to 32 years), and actuarial risk of developing MDS or AML by 40 years of age was 52% according to IFAR [19].
Such documents from supposed experts are often themselves fake, and IFAR, perhaps the most respected authentication body in the art world, does not even offer a "certificate.
29) Mr Martin presented these findings, which were consistent with Harvard's report of its own analysis (issued in January 2007) at an IFAR symposium in November 2007 and in a 2008 volume of IFAR's journal, (30) thus putting the matter to rest in New York's art community.
Di Arbuthnot, Chief Executive of the leading equine charity, Retraining of Racehorses (RoR), introduced the concept for IFAR on the final day of a three-day conference, organised and hosted by Godolphin.
associate scientist at IFAR and an assistant professor at HMS and the lead author of the study.
Similarly, the holdings of the ALR, which since 1991 incorporates the IFAR database under licence and Trace, an independent database purchased by ALR around 2009, only makes images related to individual registrations available for online viewing within its searchable database.