IFATCAInternational Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations
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IFATCA Conferences are the most appropriate platform for direct communication between member associations, and for the exchange of ideas and experience within the Federation on an inter-regional basis.
At IFATCA we encourage that collaboration between all stakeholders is celebrated.
Keynote speakers include Dr Majdi Sabri, regional vice president of Middle East & North Africa, IATA; Mohammed Khonji, regional director of ICAO; and Marc Baumgartner, president & CEO of IFATCA.
Observers have suggested that the lack of a ground radar may have contributed to the accident, however the IFATCA spokesperson stated that a ground radar is useful, but not foolproof.
Mar 27-31 45th IFATCA Annual Conference, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (IFATCA, office@ifatca.
44th IFATCA Conference, Melbourne, Australia (international Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations office@ifatca.
IFATCA 43rd Annual Conference, Hong Kong (office@ifatca.
Mar 22-26 IFATCA 43rd Annual Conference, Hong Kong (office@ifatca.
com) Mar 17-21 42nd Annual Conference IFATCA, Buenos Aires, Argentina (office@ifatca.
Bert Ruitenberg, a human factors specialist with IFATCA (International Federation of ATC Associations) returned to the question of capacity with .
Organised and run by CMP Information and in close association with IFATCA, ATC Asia Pacific is dedicated to bringing together the key players in the progression of the science of air traffic control and the preservation of a safe flight environment.