IFBDInstitute for Business Development (Belgium)
IFBDInternational Foundation for Bowel Dysfunction (now IFFGD: International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders)
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Under DIF 5, IFBD decreased but WFB and NFCB increased compared with under the other DIFs (Table 3).
For 'Ariane', there were statistically significant differences in IFBD, SFC and SFCC.
In short, for 'Ariane', IFBD was shorter under DIF 5 than the other DIFs, but SFC and SFCC were both larger under DIF 10 than DIF 5 and DIF 10 conditions.
And IFBD has a significant correlation with all measured traits (length of fiber bundle is significant positive correlation, the others are significant negative correlation) except SFCC.
For example, there were significant positive correlation between NFCB and SFC, and significant negative correlation between NFCB and IFBD.