IFCASIndirect Fire Casualty Assessment Suppression
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Based on Definition 3, Xu (2010) developed the IFCA operator and IFCG operator for aggregating IFVs with correlative weights as follows:
an intuitionistic fuzzy correlated averaging (IFCA) operator, where ([sigma] (1), [sigma] (2), ..., [sigma](n)) is a permutation of (1,2, ..., n) such that [[alpha].sub.[sigma](j-1)] [greater than or equal to] [[alpha].sub.[sigma](j)] for all j = 2,3, ..., n, [A.sub.[sigma](j)] = {[x.sub.[sigma](1)],[x.sub.[sigma](2)], ..., [x.sub.[sigma](j)]} and [A.sub.[sigma](0)] = [empty set].
In the following, we analyze the relationship between the [IFCA.sup.[epsilon]] operator and IFCA operator proposed by Xu (2010), we first introduce the following lemma.
Through their local emphasis, the aim is for IFCAs to help put local authorities, local communities, local businesses and individuals in the driving seat, allowing them to play a bigger part in the protection and enhancement of their inshore marine environment.