IFCBInternational Forum on Capacity Building
IFCBInternational Federation for Cell Biology
IFCBInternational Fellowship of Christian Businessmen
IFCBInternational Foundation for the Conservation of Birds
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One thing needs to be mentioned is that there is a constant bias between the IFCB calculated and the actual value shown as below
This is because the IFCB at the initial epoch is assumed to be arbitrary value.
where[nabla][A.sub.WL] is the float WL ambiguity, [delta] is the IFCB obtained by (14), [b.sub.a] is the less than one cycle part of the bias a in (15), and [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the pseudo WL ambiguities after absorbing the majority part of bias a in (15).
[12] provided solutions for estimating L1/L2 and L1/L5 IFCBs, which can be also applied for estimating L1/L2 and triple-frequency IF carrier-phase IFCBs.
After obtaining the IFCBs, relative stable float ambiguities can be achieved.
Among the 10 stations, 8 stations are used as reference stations to generate the single-difference IFCBs and FCBs while the other two stations are used as test user stations.
Single-difference is applied to eliminate the receiver contribution to biases in estimating the IFCBs, FCBs, and PPP AR implementation.
Unlike dual-frequency PPP, the IFCBs between triple-frequency and dual-frequency IF phase measurements need to be estimated to compensate the inconsistency between the triple-frequency IF carrier-phase measurements and the IGS dual-frequency based precise orbit and clock precise products.
After applying the correction of single-difference IFCBs and achieving stable single-difference float ambiguities, WL FCBs can be obtained after fixing the EWL ambiguities at reference stations with known coordinates.
With estimated IFCBs, EWL FCBs, and WL FCBs, the triple-frequency PPP AR can be implemented at the test user stations redu and tlse.