IFCCInternet Fraud Complaint Center (US FBI)
IFCCInternet Fraud Compliant Center
IFCCInternational Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
IFCCInstructional Faculty Consortium Committee (various schools)
IFCCInterface Control Check
IFCCInternational Federation of Christian Churches
IFCCInternational Fire Code Council (International Code Council)
IFCCInternational Fuel Cell Committee
IFCCIndiana Familial Cancer Clinic (est. 1993)
IFCCInterim Fleet Command Center
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Speaking to ANI here on Sunday, president of Indo-Foreign Chamber of Commerce (IFCC) Balbir Bajaj said: aACoeThis step was needed, but the Central government has responded late.
Standardization of results across platforms, and worldwide by the IFCC-WG, has resulted in more accurate results and it now becomes the reagent manufacturer's responsibility to continue to ensure their methods are traceable to the IFCC reference material and method.
The IFCC participant countries are Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, Jordan, India and Egypt.
IFCC working group recommendations for assessing commutability part 1: general experimental design.
The result came after a voting has taken place in which Palestine has won a permanent seat within IFCC, becoming the 91 state with full membership.
Note that the Siemens recommended correction of +17.4% across the entire measurement range does not agree with the +12% correction that we recommended in 2011 based on the observed calibration bias of a series of serum samples when we used ERM DA471/ IFCC to make their results traceable to ERM-DA471/IFCC.
According to the European Union directive from 1998, all products distributed in Europe should be accompanied by the document stating that they are traceable with the IFCC reference method [20].
He said the IFCC also has a new plan to get rid of taxicabs that use gasoline and replace them with hybrid taxicabs or ones powered by compressed natural gas (CNG).
Approved Recommendation on IFCC methods for the measurement of catalytic concentration of enzymes.
IFCC method for measurement of catalytic concentration of enzymes part 3 IFCC method for Alanine aminotransferase.
The reference range of total population was found 4.6-6.56% and 2.69-4.81 mmol/mol in accordance with NGSP and IFCC, respectively.
The 2007 Consensus Statement from the American Diabetes Association (ADA), European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), and International Diabetes Federation (IDF) called for the standardization of glycated hemoglobin measurement in reporting and use of average glucose values in clinical practice.