IFCLIndependent Finance Corporation Limited
IFCLInternational Foundation for Civil Liberties (New York, NY)
IFCLIntegrated Finance Company Ltd. (India)
IFCLIndiana Friends Committee on Legislation (Sheridan, IN)
IFCLInternational Fixed Calendar League
IFCLInstitute for Creative Living (Newberry, FL)
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The closure of IFCL comes at a time when multiple countries are working to establish similar think tanks to follow and analyze the rapid political developments in the region.
Zamboanga City: A The Inter-Faith Council of Leaders (IFCL) aired concerns over the kidnappings in the area.
The IFCL stressed the so called "A Common Word," a document prepared by 138 Muslim scholars and addressed to the Pope and other Christian leaders, reminding mankind of the basic teachings in both Islam and Christianity.
"We are also saddened by the realisation that these kidnappings are driving a wedge that threatens to create a split between our religious communities living in peace in our beloved Zamboanga City," the IFCL declared.
Financial institutions and banks such as IFCL, IDBI, ICICI and State Bank of India ( SBI) together lent about ` 9,000 crore to Ispat.
Summary: BEIRUT: The Issam Fares Center for Lebanon (IFCL) briefed the media on Wednesday about a number of recommendations aimed at solving the problems encountered by Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
The assistant director of the IFCL, Michel Abu Najem, read the proposed recommendations in the presence of several Lebanese and Palestinian figures and of United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) representatives.
The Focus Colour Luminance metering system (iFCL) intelligently measures focus, colour and luminance, across 63 zones.
The camera also includes an 11-point AF array and 63-zone dual-layer iFCL metering sensor together with 1080p Full HD video capabilities, in an affordable camera body.
Then IFcl(A) = [1.sub.~] and IFcl(B) = [1.sub.~] implies that IFint(IFcl (A)) [not equal to] [0.sub.~] and IFint(IFcl(B)) [not equal to] 0 [??].
If (X, T) is intuitionistic fuzzy open hereditarily irresolvable then IFint(A) = [0.sub.~] for any nonzero intuitionistic fuzzy dense set A in (X, T) implies that I Fint(IFcl (A)) = [0.sub.~].
Let A be an intuitionistic fuzzy set in (X,T), such that IFcl (A) = [1.sub.~].