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IFCPInternet Fibre Channel Protocol
IFCPInternet Fibre Channel Protocol (storage area networking)
IFCPInstitute for Cancer Prevention
IFCPInternational Forum for Cotton Promotion (est. 2000; Washington, DC)
IFCPIsland Food Community of Pohnpei (est. 2004; Kolonia, Pohnpei, Micronesia)
IFCPIloilo Flood Control Project (Department of Public Works and Highways; Iloilo City, Philippines)
IFCPIndependent Filmmakers Cooperative of the Philippines
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As mentioned above, IFCP probably brings isolated nodes in high-density networks.
Then, an interval fuzzy credibility-constrained programming (IFCP) can be formulated as follows:
According to Messura, "It is an honor to have this opportunity to serve as chairman of the IFCP as we continue to improve the global competitive position of cotton through generic cotton promotion."
It is particularly important for iFCP since it enables device discovery by an iFCP gateway, iSNS is now in the final stages of the IETF process, and ratification is expected soon.
IFCP's been downplayed, but it has a lot of benefits.
New IP storage protocols such as iSCSI and iFCP also leverage mainstream IP networks, but enable transport of data blocks.
The IP storage family consisting of iSCSI, iFCP and FC IP that enable running block-level data over IP networks are all overdue and will add to the capability of the base SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces, not replace them.
How will the adoption of IP connectivity (iSCSI, IFCP, FCIP) impact automation solutions?
Other protocols based on Fibre Channel also integrate IP traffic, including FCIP, iFCP, and mFCP.
For example, iFCP (Internet Fibre Channel protocol) and FCLP (Fibre Channel over LP) protocols are allowing companies with established Fibre Channel infrastructures to build bridges between their SAN islands using IP wide-area networks.
Although other new storage protocols like iSCSI, iFCP, InfiniBand and many others are under development, these are all still very immature and will require 12 to 18 months minimally to mature while the initial deployment problems are resolved.
Emerging leaders in the IP Storage interface race are the iSCSI, iFCP, and FC IP transport protocols.