IFCRIntrinsic Factor-Cobalamin Receptor (biochemistry)
IFCRIowa Federation of College Republicans
IFCRIndiana Federation of College Republicans
IFCRIndemnité Forfaitaire de Changement de Résidence (French: Flat Rate Residence Change)
IFCRInternational Folly Contest Rotterdam (design competition; Rotterdam, Netherlands)
IFCRInstitute of Finance Case Research (Huntsville, TX)
IFCRIndependent Flightsim Community Radio (computer gaming)
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(ii) Every IFCR is an IF-nbd CR, but the converse is not true.
Then (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is an IF-nbd CR of (X,[delta]) but not an IFCR of (X,[delta]), and it is an IF-nbd PR of (X,[delta]) but not an IFPR of (X,[delta]).
As Figure 3 shows, the log of the iFCR value linearly correlated with the "real" ratio of number of fusion cells and normal cells.
To evaluate whether iFCR could capture this pattern, we compared the read distributions between two datasets.
iFCR Distribution Is Correlated with Recurrent Rate in the Prostate Tumor Dataset.
The nonrecurrent fusion between exon 8 of ZC3H6 and exon 2 of LRP1B was present at a high iFCR value (0.38 for iFCR-average).
However, our results suggested that iFCR could potentially reflect the tumor heterogeneity.
Moreover, we found a very interesting fusion gene UPF3A-CDC16 in patient 9, whose iFCR value was increased from 0.06 to 0.33 in the tumor sample, compared with its adjacent normal tissue.
Thus, we compared the iFCR value of chimeric transcripts and expression levels of their corresponding parents' genes.
This study also showed that the iFCR values of fusion genes in tumor samples were remarkably higher than those in normal tissues, especially in tumor cell lines.
The upcoming IFCR for 2014 is dedicated to Malaysia, which is a leading international and regional hub for Islamic finance in the Asian region.
Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, CEO of CIMB Islamic Bank, "Stakeholders within the industry need to be adequately equipped with necessary knowledge and better understanding to steer the business towards new directions within the Islamic finance industry." He added IFCRs will provide the industry with valuable knowledge resources towards enhancing the Islamic finance industry and cater to the growing number of customers in the real economy through well-structured, sustainable and innovative products and services.