IFCUInternational Federation of Catholic Universities
IFCUIsland Federal Credit Union (New York)
IFCUIlliana Financial Credit Union (Naperville, IL)
IFCUInfinity Federal Credit Union
IFCUInterface Control Unit
IFCUIntegris Federal Credit Union (Oklahoma City, OK)
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Prior to the 1968 IFCU meeting, a number of delegates met at Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin, to develop the Land O'Lakes Statement: The Nature of the Contemporary Catholic University (as cited in O'Keefe, 1997).
In 1972, after years of negotiation between Cardinal Garrone, the Prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education, and the IFCU, the document The Catholic University in the Modern World appeared.
(55) Calling interchurch families a "visible sign of unity" to the churches, the document underlines that "[i]nterchurch couples do not get married in order to provide such a sign!" (IFCU, C,3; emphasis ill original).
The IFCU met at Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin, in 1967, marking the first official effort made by a broad group of Catholic educators to define the nature of Catholic higher education (Gleason, 1997).
institutions don't collaborate much with IFCU, and I think they would be greatly strengthened and their prestige would rise," she said.