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IFDImage File Directory
IFDIndianapolis Fire Department
IFDInterface Device
IFDIdeas From the Deep (gaming software)
IFDIsraeli Folk Dance
IFDImpôt Fédéral Direct (French: Direct Federal Tax; Switzerland)
IFDIndentation Force Deflection (foam)
IFDIdeal Free Distribution (behavioural ecology)
IFDInformation Flow Diagram
IFDInternational Friendship Day
IFDI Fight Dragons (band; Chicago, IL)
IFDInternet-Facing Deployment
IFDInternational Framework for Dictionaries (objectlibraries construction)
IFDIntensity Frequency Duration (Australian stormwater design)
IFDIntegrated Feasibility Demonstration
IFDInternational Floral Distributors
IFDInternal Fault Detector (distribution transformers)
IFDIndustrial Facilities Discharge File (EPA)
IFDIraqi Forum for Democracy (since 1998; Ann Arbor, Michigan)
IFDIdeas for Design
IFDIntelligent Field Device (telecommunications)
IFDInstitut de Formation et de Développement (French: Institute for Training and Development)
IFDInternational Federation for Documentation
IFDIndustrie-Forum Diabetes
IFDIn-Flight Disconnect
IFDInvariant Factor Decomposition
IFDImpurity-Free Disordering
IFDItems for Discussion
IFDIrradiated Fuel Dismantling
IFDInitial Fill Date
IFDInterface Functional Description
IFDInter-Field Distance
IFDIssue for Design
IFDIndependent Funeral Director's College Ltd (UK)
IFDIntelligence Fusion Demonstration
IFDIndustrial Fluid Dynamics
IFDInside Frame Dimension
IFDInternational Folk Dance (various locations)
IFDInternational Finance and Development (various organizations)
IFDIndex of Fuel Diversification
IFDImported from Detroit (Chrysler)
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One of the issues on appeal was whether IFD possessed market power for purposes of rule of reason analysis.
Experiment 1 of the present research examined whether the matching rule derived from the IFD model was applicable to this point-loss minimization game.
In Germany, a 15% IFD tax is applied to carbon dioxide emission permits earmarked for climate protection in developing countries.
In considering how best to accomplish these aims the IFD focused on two activities in particular, education and training, and the assessment of dermatological need.
Inoltre non va sottovalutata la mobilizzazione della IFD per prevenire le aderenze delle bandellette laterali, del legamento retinacolare e la rigidita articolare.
First proposed by Wendell Johnson (1946), IFD disease stems from setting unrealistically high goals (Idealism), not meeting those goals (Frustration), and ultimately giving up (Demoralization).
In trying to stay in as few hotels as possible, the IFD crew is hoping people will open up their homes or couches as well.
Since the IFD is an EXPRESS model, the EXPRESS to XML Schema Converter [11] can be used to obtain the XML schema for IFD.
An IFD hardness from 10-80 can be achieved with the B-500 system.
Derco will offer worldwide distribution of Universal Synaptics' IFD products, which are designed to identify intermittent faults in aircraft electrical components, as well as providing related repair services for faulty electrical components.
Although, there has been a great improvement in the survival rates of children with leukemia and other hematological disorders, IFD still remains a life-threatening problem [6,7].
fetus, guarismos que resultaron similares a los obtenidos por IFD en hembras de la India (6,7).