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IFDImage File Directory
IFDIndianapolis Fire Department
IFDInterface Device
IFDIdeas From the Deep (gaming software)
IFDIsraeli Folk Dance
IFDImpôt Fédéral Direct (French: Direct Federal Tax; Switzerland)
IFDIndentation Force Deflection (foam)
IFDIdeal Free Distribution (behavioural ecology)
IFDInformation Flow Diagram
IFDInternational Friendship Day
IFDI Fight Dragons (band; Chicago, IL)
IFDInternet-Facing Deployment
IFDInternational Framework for Dictionaries (objectlibraries construction)
IFDIntensity Frequency Duration (Australian stormwater design)
IFDIntegrated Feasibility Demonstration
IFDInternational Floral Distributors
IFDInternal Fault Detector (distribution transformers)
IFDIndustrial Facilities Discharge File (EPA)
IFDIraqi Forum for Democracy (since 1998; Ann Arbor, Michigan)
IFDIdeas for Design
IFDIntelligent Field Device (telecommunications)
IFDInstitut de Formation et de Développement (French: Institute for Training and Development)
IFDInternational Federation for Documentation
IFDIndustrie-Forum Diabetes
IFDIn-Flight Disconnect
IFDInvariant Factor Decomposition
IFDImpurity-Free Disordering
IFDItems for Discussion
IFDIrradiated Fuel Dismantling
IFDInitial Fill Date
IFDInterface Functional Description
IFDInter-Field Distance
IFDIssue for Design
IFDIndependent Funeral Director's College Ltd (UK)
IFDIntelligence Fusion Demonstration
IFDIndustrial Fluid Dynamics
IFDInside Frame Dimension
IFDInternational Folk Dance (various locations)
IFDInternational Finance and Development (various organizations)
IFDIndex of Fuel Diversification
IFDImported from Detroit (Chrysler)
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Considering the need for a consistent and updated Shariah governance framework, IFD conducted extensive consultation sessions with Shariah advisers, SBP, PSX, ICAP, takaful companies, modaraba and NBFI Association.
Considering the need for such an extensive framework, IFD conducted consultation sessions with Sharia advisors, State Bank, Pakistan Stock Exchange, Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan, takaful companies, modaraba and NBFI Association.
However, IFD caused by Basidiomycetes molds are extremely rare (2).
The feeling of hardness/softness or "load-bearing properties" of the foam is measured by IFD, Indentation Force Deflection (sometimes called ILD - Indentation Load Deflection) using ASTM D3574 Test B1.
Reduced capital supplies and increased risk aversion among capital providers during a financial crisis make raising capital more difficult and more expensive and their effects are likely to be greater for EFD firms than for IFD firms.
The Islamic REIT fund was a good development for the promotion of the Shariah-compliant property market in Pakistan while formation of new Shariah Advisory Board within the IFD is much helpful.
rotundus y de estos, se colectaron 100 especimenes para deteccion por IFD, entre los que solo 13 fueron positivos; los demas individuos fueron tratados con un anticoagulante topico y liberados con el fin de controlar la poblacion de D.
He said, when he addressed the 37th session of the IFD Council of Governors held in the Italian Capital, Rome, that the family farming spread in a wide range in the rural and the rain-fed agricultural areas and constitutes at least 70 % of the agricultural volume in Sudan, adding that women have great part of this type of agriculture.
Accordingly, the IFD model states that each individual will go where its chance of failure (being attacked by predators, acquiring an infection, losing important goods, etc.
From its outset the IFD was faced with the challenge of developing new approaches to reach the maximum number of patients using clinical or nursing help appropriate to the local conditions and health services.
In terms of specific blooms, the IFD forecast says roses, "especially garden roses mixed with old-time favorites like carnations," will be sought after, along with "bright flowers like gerberas and roses mixed with equally bright exotic flowers like pincushion protea and cymbidium orchids.
Since the IFD units have on-board comm and nay radios--there are models planned that do not have the radios--there's a dedicated rotary volume knob that serves double-duty as a power switch.