IFDESIrmandade da Festa do Divino Espirito Santo (Gilroy, California)
IFDESInstitut Français D’Études Stratégiques
IFDESInternational Foundation for Drug Efficacy and Safety
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In particular, more researchers have given special interests to the stability and stabilization analysis of impulsive functional differential equations (IFDEs) and there are extensive literatures in this field (see [8-14] and reference therein).
In the current literature concerning IFDEs, the impulses are assumed to take the form [DELTA] x ([t.sub.k]) = [I.sub.k]([t.sub.k], x([[t.sup.-.sub.k])), which indicates that the state "jump" at the impulse times [t.sub.k] is only related to the present state variables.