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IFDHInternational Federation of Dental Hygienists
IFDHIllinois Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
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Marjolijn Hovius, IFDH immediate past president, has also been involved
personally, and I was proud to represent IFDH in Nepal.
Also as result, IFDH may soon have a new association member, as the
Eveline Gray of the British Society for Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT), past treasurer of IFDH, reports that there will be three newly instituted programs opening in the United Kingdom that will have 27 months of concentrated study in both dental hygiene and dental therapy.
Both organizations focus on dental hygienists, but with IFDH in particular, we're also looking at the international community of health care.
One of these recently forged IFDH alliances is with the World Health Organization (WHO).
1) IFDH was officially formed on June 28, 1986 in Oslo, Norway.
Communication issues frequently complicate the work of organizations such as IFDH, according to the organization's president, Marjolijn Hovius, RDH.
She pointed out, in particular, the growth in importance of dental hygienists in countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, which are not yet members of IFDH.
The forerunner of IFDH, the International Liaison Committee on Dental Hygiene, was established in 1973, by European countries that included the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the UK, the U.
and Marjolijn Hovius, RDH, president-elect of IFDH presented the award to each winner.
IFDH Vice President Perno Goldie, from the United States, served as moderator for the panel discussion, "Positioning Dental Hygiene in Health Care," with Wayne Powell, BA, MA, and Kathy O'Loughlin, DDS, from the United States and Kenneth Eaton, DDS, from the United Kingdom.