IFDMInternational Forum on Disability Management (Madison, WI)
IFDMIntegrated on-Farm Drainage Management (water management system)
IFDMInterdisciplinary Film and Digital Media (University of New Mexico; Albuquerque, NM)
IFDMInformation for Decision Making
IFDMInternational Foundation of Doll Makers (est. 1986)
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Considerando os municipios classificados nos estratos de situacao regular/boa, observa-se que as medias se apresentaram mais elevadas nas variaveis IFDM, IDHM, IDHM Renda, IDHM Educacao, IDHM Longevidade, Expectativa de Anos de Estudo, Percentual de Recursos Provenientes do Trabalho, Taxa de Atividade e Populacao Urbana.
The hypothesis that the IFDM and its components present different values according to the group of municipalities with high or low asthma-related hospitalization rates for children (binary variable: 1-below the mean annual rate in Mato Grosso and 2-above the mean annual rate in Mato Grosso) was assessed using Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon nonparametric test, more appropriate in the absence of regular data distribution (17).
Let [R.sup.(1)] = [([r.sup.(1).sub.ij]).sub.m*n] be the IFDM of each DM.
Further, weighted aggregation IFDM is derived using the aggregated IFDM and weight vecto W.
Como as variaveis produtividade, PIB per capita e IFDM ja se encontram em indices, dispensam a divisao por indicadores de intensidade.
A ultima variavel analisada foi o IFDM. Confere-se no Quadro 3 que o IFDM mais elevado, no ano de 2010, foi o do estado de Sao Paulo: 0,8940 (considerado alto), acima do IFDM do Brasil, que foi de 0,7899.
The seminar on Integrated Flood and Drought Management (IFDM) for Pakistan was organized by the Planning Commissions Water Resources Section in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization.
In combination with the Immission Frequency Distribution Model (IFDM)] using emissions from line sources and point sources, the model chain provides daily [PM.sub.10] and [PM.sub.2.5] values on a 25 x 25 m receptor grid (Lefebvre et al.