IFEIIntegrated Fuel and Engine Indicator
IFEIIntegrated Fuel and Engine Instrument
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I finally brought the right throttle back to idle, and the IFEI showed the engine safely stable at that setting.
The problem I now faced was that I had no idea what my exact landing weight would be because the portion on the IFEI where the fuel is displayed was gone.
The integrated fuel and engine-instrument (IFEI) panel would not dim to the night setting.
Engine right." After pulling back the right throttle to idle, I glanced at the IFEI, which showed the right engine was spooling down.
problem here." The fuel indicator on the IFEI panel was ticking off at a rate of 20 pounds per second.
As I assessed the other engine parameters, I noticed the DDI-engine page and IFEI showed the EGT to be oscillating around 1,300 degrees Celsius.
Out of ideas and fuel (1.9 on the IFEI), I chose to arc for a runway 32L arrestment.