IFENInstitut Français de l'Environnement (French Institute for the Environment)
IFENIn-Flight Entertainment Network
IFENInstitut für Erdmessung Und Navigation (Institute of Geodesy and Navigation; Munich, Germany)
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"Ifen them fellers couldn't locate nothing with all them lanterns and flashlights they had I don't see how us fellers could do no big lot of good with what few matches we got."
"Well, ifen we aint going to be doing nothing else we might jest as welst to be getting on back to my place," Mac said.
Ana Maria Lopez Calvo de Feijoo is a Doctor of Psychology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Psychology and founding partner, professor, supervisor and coordinator of research in Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Phenomenological-Existential Psychology (IFEN) of Rio de Janeiro.
The results presented by IFEN are based on 90 rivers originating in France and flowing into the sea or into neighbouring countries and on the Rhine - an area covering 507,300 km2 which is home to around 53.3 million people.
The home side managed a decent effort in the 32nd minute, when Ty Gooden's deep corner was met by Ifen Onuora's header, only for Elic to save.
The Mexican Circulo de Estudios en Psicoterapia Existencial contributed to the training of 49 of our participants, and the Brazillian Instituto de Psicologia Fenomenologico-Existencial do Rio de Janeiro (IFEN) to the training of 48.
Drafted over a period of months, the environmental review of wooded areas in France - Les espaces boises en France -bilan environnemental* - published by the French Environment Institute, IFEN, takes on a new dimension in the light of the catastrophic storms that swept the country at the end of 1999.
(Groundwater quality and quantity in Europe - EEA, 1999- ISBN 92-9167-146-0 - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities - L-2985 Luxembourg.)* The Environment in France - abridged English edition of the report l'Environnement en France - Edition 1999 published by the Institut Francais de l'Environnement (IFEN).