IFESHInternational Foundation for Education and Self Help
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Since 1987, IFESH has sent more than 800 master teachers to Africa, built more than 200 of its planned 1,000 schools, and sent more than $30 million in school and medical supplies to several countries.
Ninety percent of IFESH employees in those ten country offices are natives of the countries in which they work.
Without programs like this one, which is being run by IFESH with funding from The World Bank, returning to the fighting may be the child's only means of avoiding starvation.
In addition to the Demobilization and Reintegration Program, IFESH also operates a number of conflict resolution and community development projects in Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Kalemie, Butembo, Kolwezi, Likasi, Nyunzu, and Pweto in DRC as well as a number of community development and conflict resolution programs in Nigeria.
To that end, IFESH provides highly respected, grassroots education, healthcare, poverty reduction, conflict mitigation and community development assistance to sub-Saharan Africa.
For additional information, please visit the IFESH web site at http://www.
The work of the IFESH Nigeria country office, which is located in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria, is focused primarily on the impoverished Niger Delta and Rivers State, where the HIV infection rate is among the highest in Nigeria.
Established in 1981, IFESH continues to uphold the pioneering self-help philosophy and transcendent message of hope of its founder, the late Reverend Dr.
The work is so incredibly IFESH, rewarding and the needs so great, that a large percentage of TFA volunteers return a second year, or occasionally even a third year," continues Dr.
Interested persons may obtain a copy of the application by visiting the IFESH web site at: http://www.
In addition to the TFA Program, IFESH has also built nearly 200 schools on the continent, principally in South Africa.
The Teachers for Africa program is an IFESH initiative that is supported through a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).