IFETInternational Federation for East Timor
IFETInternet for English Teaching (book; US State Department Office of English Language Publications)
IFETIschemic Forearm Exercise Test (neurology)
IFETIndo-French Educational Trust (est. 1998)
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Lawyer Ifet Feraget, representing the Dragicevic and Memic families, said that 'this is not just a fight for the truth about DA3/4enan and David, but also the fight for the rule of law.'
(2,3) Assistant Professor, Department of IT, IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram, Tamilnadu, India
Luiz Carlos Dias da Rocha, IFET Sul de Minas, Inconfidentes campus, for the initial supply of T.
Estabelece diretrizes para o processo de integracao de instituicoes federais de educacao tecnologica, para fins de constituicao dos Institutos Federais de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia - IFET, no ambito da Rede Federal de Educacao Tecnologica.
The Carter Center and the International Federation for East Timor (IFET) have played a role.
For an NGO perspective, Charles Schemer of the International Federation for East Timor (IFET), which provided the largest number of observers to the referendum, both illuminates and frustrates.
KOPASSUS: Those white people [the IFET observers] should be dumped in the river.
The plan of the International Federation for East Timor (IFET) -- comprising 31 groups from 21 countries, including the Free East Timor Japan Coalition -- to dispatch the observers has been accredited by the United Nations.
Authors of the handbook, Ifet Mustafic, Vanja Jovanovic, Hrvoje VranjeA!, Igor KoA3/4emjakin, Behzad HadA3/4ic, Branka Antic-A tauber and Dijana Duric, pointed out that they have tries to bring together specific pieces of advice for religious officials from the Islamic, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish perspectives on how to help victims of sexual violence.
(1,2,3,4,5) Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Assistant Professor, IFET College of Engineering, Tamiinadu, India.
(III) Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia do Sertao Pernambucano (IFET Petrolina), Petrolina, PE, Brasil.