IFFORInternational Foundation for Online Responsibility
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The IFFOR Baseline Policies limit .xxx registrations to members of the "sponsored community," which is defined as individuals, businesses, entities, and organizations that have "voluntarily agreed to comply with all IFFOR Policies and Best Practices Guidelines." (61) The policies require any applicant authenticated as "provid[ing] online sexually-oriented adult entertainment intended for consenting adults or for other community members" (62) to clearly display on its .xxx site (and any site which links to the .xxx site) a disclosure statement that makes the owner of the domain name clearly known.
Pursuant to the CRS, reports of child abuse images will be automatically placed in a "Child Abuse Images Queue" (69) and forwarded to a "designated hotline provider (generally depending upon geography of registrant) with which ICM and/or IFFOR has an established relationship, for handling these types of procedures." (70) Notably, ICM will defer to hotline and/or law enforcement direction with regard to action upon such complaints.
In Ashcroft, Justice Kennedy hypothesized the ramifications of such a situation, noting: "[w]ith these severe penalties in force, few legitimate movie producers or book publishers, or few other speakers in any capacity, would risk distributing images in or near the uncertain reach of this law." (72) It follows then that IFFOR's policies could have the same chilling effect on potential .xxx registrants.
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