IFFPAInternational Federation of Film Producers Associations
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(1) BECT (European Office for Cinema and Television); CEPI ( European Co-ordination of Independent Producers); CCIEC (Committee of Cinematographic Industries of the European Community); CPE (European Producers Club); EFCA (European Film Companies Alliance); Eurocinema (Association de producteurs de cinema et de television); EuroFIA (European Group of the International Federation of Actors); FEITIS (Federation europeenne des industries de l'image et du son); FERA (Federation of European Film Directors); FIAD (International Federation of Film Distributors' Associations); IFFPA (International Federation of Film Producers'Associations); FSE (Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe); IVF (International Video Federation); UNIC (International Union of Cinemas).
The International Forum of Forest and Paper Associations (IFFPA) and the FAO Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products endorsed efforts by an international industry working group, led by New Zealand, to develop a framework for credible, sustainable forest management standards and certification systems.