IFGAInternational Fancy Guppy Association
IFGAInternational Fainting Goat Association
IFGAImage Size, Focal Distance, Object Size/Ground Coverage, Focal Distance (Formula; US Navy photography)
IFGAInternational Friendship Group Award
IFGAInternational Federation of Grocers' Associations
IFGAIndependent Funeral Group of America
IFGAIndiana Flower Growers Association
IFGAIncentive Funding Grant Application
IFGAInternational Federation of Geeta Ashrams
IFGAInformation for Governmental Agencies
IFGAInternational Fish and Game Association
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The power wielded by the major chains has prompted calls from the Independent Fruit Growers Association (IFGA) for the supermarkets to be policed by a government-appointed regulator who would monitor prices and the supply chain.
'When there was privatisation of the national industries, the Government decided to have regulators, even for the Lottery and financial services,' says John Breach, chairman of the IFGA.
But the IFGA feels a regulator is needed to ensure fair play for the consumer.