IFGSInternational Fantasy Gaming Society (live action gaming organization)
IFGSInternationalen Fachverbandes Gestaltender Schmiede (German: International Association for Finished Shape Forging)
IFGSInstitute for Family and Gender Studies (Vietnam)
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IFGS was attended by over 2,000 fintech leaders from around the world, offering Bahrain an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the kingdom as the destination of choice for fintech in the Middle East.
Over 2,000 FinTech leaders from around the world attended IFGS, offering Bahrain an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the Kingdom as the destination of choice for FinTech in the Middle East.
Atanassov's IFS gave rise to the theory of IFG proposed by Parvathi and Karunambigai [36].
An application of CSVNG in a Wi-Fi network system is discussed and a comparison of CSVNG with constant IFG is established in order to show the worth of the proposed concept.
In Section 2, we recalled the necessary basic concepts and properties of IFG, CIFG and SVNG.In section 3, the concept of CSVNG is described and some related graph theoretic ideas are explored.
The discovery of the quantum statistics that incorporate Pauli's exclusion principle [1], made independently by Fermi [2] and Dirac [3], allowed the qualitative understanding of several physical phenomena--in a wide range of values of the particle density, from astrophysical scales to subnuclear ones--in terms of the ideal Fermi gas (IFG).
In distinction with the ideal Bose gas (IBG), which suffers the so-called Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) in three dimensions, the IFG shows a smooth thermodynamic behavior as function of the particle density and temperature; this, however, does not preclude interesting behavior as has been pointed out in [28, 40], where it is suggested that the IFG can suffer a condensation-like process at a characteristic temperature [T.sup.0].
By an intuitionistic fuzzy graph (IFG, for short) G of a graph [G.sup.*], we mean a pair G = (A, B), where A = ([[mu].sub.A], [v.sub.A]) is an intuitionistic fuzzy set on V and B = ([[mu].sub.B], [v.sub.B]) is an intuitionistic fuzzy relation on E such that