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IFHInternational Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene (est. 1998; Somerset, England, UK)
IFHInstitut für Handelsforschung (German)
IFHIncome from Home (software)
IFHInvestment for Health (various locations)
IFHIcelandic Farm Holidays (est. 1980)
IFHInternational Foundation for Homeopathy
IFHI've Found Her (Babylon 5 game)
IFHInterface Host
IFHInternational Foundation of Hope
IFHIdeal Frequency-Hopping
IFHInstitut für Hotelmanagement GmbH
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Reportedly, this award is CTT Systems' 92nd IFH order for Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ VIP aircraft.
The IFH offers techniques for instrument takeoffs, both with traditional instrumentation and using synthetic vision on a primary flight display.
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been described as a quick and useful tool to confirm the diagnosis of IFH and a grading system based on OCT findings has been developed.
"Physicians who accept IFH a year ago still are not accepting it now and part of that is although there is increased scope of insurance coverage many people just don't understand it ...
Affirming its commitment to providing a robust portfolio of Shari'ah'a compliant financial products, IFH is set on utilising the latest tools and innovative products within the Islamic Banking sector to further exemplify its customer-centric focus.
The weakest chapter of the IFH is Emergency Operations.
Brands, Inc., McDonald's Corporation, Rap S.A, Unifood Restaurant Group, Buffet Express, Doctor's Associates, Inc., IFH Peru Ltd, Oithers
1) Assume that n [greater than or equal to] 3 ifh is of type D.
(b) Ifh: V [right arrow] W is a morphism of pre-division pairs, then the R-maps are compatible with h in the sense that
Unfolding of the parts of the triangle was performed through rotations for 180[degrees] clockwise of AFGD around D, and counter clockwise for 180[degrees] of IFH, around H.
Other direct and indirect subsidiaries of IFH utilised in its business were included in the deal.
31 January 2014 - US bank holding company Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:PPBI) said Friday it had finalised the takeover of domestic privately-held quick service restaurant (QSR) sector lender Infinity Franchise Holdings LLC (IFH) for some USD17.2m (EUR12.7m).