IFHAInternational Federation of Horseracing Authorities (est. 1993; France)
IFHAInternational Federation of Helicopter Associations (est. 1983)
IFHAInter Friendship House Association (Berkeley, CA)
IFHAIrish Finance Houses Association
IFHAIrish Farmhouse Holidays Association
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In September last year, the Philracom finalized its rating-based handicapping system based on IFHA standards with the help of international expert Michael Wanklin.
The IFHA, founded in to coordinate and harmonise the rules of the member-countries regarding breeding, racing and wagering;
While calling for greater collaboration with high performance horse bodies she highlighted the significance of the partnership between the IFHA and the FEI (International Equestrian Federation), which has led to the formation of the International Horse Sports Confederation, which will formalise cooperation between the world's leading governing bodies for equestrian sport.
You couldn't have blamed the IFHA for not getting out of bed at all.
The Paris-based IFHA Executive Council, which is the highest level of governance in world racing, consists of 13 members drawn from three regions -- Europe, the Americas and Asia -- which can effect major advancements to the sport.
It said: "These measures were redrawn in the context of a wide consultation led by the IFHA, during which the administrative council of France Galop decided to ratify them.
IFHA Chairman Louis Romanet presented the trophy of the Shaikh Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa to jockey Sami Salloum.
He was in charge for the restructuring and realigning of the company in 2004 2006, bringing in PVI as a key investor then, and in 2010 controlled the bringing on board of IFHA (Investment Fund for Health in Africa) who acquired a 20% stake in the company.
There already appears to be a move towards the harmonisation of screening limits of therapeutic substances through the IFHA.
Among other decisions ratified by the IFHA executive council at its annual post-Arc meeting in Paris this week was confirmation of the IPC's decision to upgrade the Chairman's Sprint Prize in Hong Kong from local to international Group 1 status.
The American Horse of the Year for 2007 has assumed the mantle of top racehorse in the world in the latest listing of the World's Leading Horses (October 1, 2007 - March 31, 2008 inclusive) as ranked by the panel of official handicappers drawn from the major racing nations affiliated to the IFHA (International Federation of Horseracing Authorities).