IFHROInternational Federation of Health Records Organizations
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Dr Gemala Hatta, the IFHRO's SEAR Director, opened the conference and welcomed the participants.
Lorraine Nicholson, the President of IFHRO, started her presentation with a brief history of IFHRO's activities and then continued on the topic of 'Promoting health records standards', a joint paper co-authored with Sue Walker.
His participation was a great honour to the IFHRO SEAR Conference and broadened the discussion onto a global level.
Carol Lewis, HIS consultant and previous IFHRO Director, delivered an interesting presentation titled 'Improving the documentation of diagnosis'.
Margaret Skurka, the current president-elect of IFHRO, presented a paper on this pilot study, which was has been operating under the leadership of the WHO-FIC-IFHRO (1) Joint Collaboration work group since 2004.
I would like to thank the organising committee of the first IFHRO SEAR conference.
* many conference committees, which included the position of Convenor of the 13th International Health Records Organizations (IFHRO) Congress held in Melbourne in 2000.
Following the IFHRO 2000 Congress, I was appointed as HIMAA's Alternate Director to IFHRO and recently represented HIMAA at the triennial IFHRO Council meeting held in conjunction with the Seoul Congress in May 2007.
My involvement in HIMAA and more recently IFHRO has opened many doors for me through contacts I have made both around Australia and internationally.
Phyllis gave a chronological account of HIMAA's history including past Presidents, the dispersion of HIMs throughout Australia, the evolution of tertiary courses, the involvement of the profession at IFHRO congresses and the HIMAA Conferences over the years.