IFIECInternational Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers
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At the heart of the industry's concerns are the high energy price disparities between the EU and other parts of the world, which it believes puts the sector "at an important disadvantage in total energy and climate costs," according to an IFIEC statement.
The EU manufacturing industry is already more energy-efficient than most of its competitors, being "key actors to greening the economy," IFIEC argued.
John Scowcroft, from Eurelectric, said IFIEC's proposal is not new.
Dutch study bureau Ecofys, commissioned by IFIEC, came to the conclusion that the IFIEC allowance methodology would reduce costs for end-users by, on average, 10-30% for industrial electricity anda5-20% for household bills.a"The IFIEC method efficiently promotes clean production within EU ETS, butahas no, or limited, effect on production and consumption decisions in other parts of theaeconomy," concluded Ecofys.
IFIEC also proposes that free allocation in a given year be based on the actual production in that same year.
But at the IFIEC assembly, Kroes was more eloquent insisting on the need for structural solutions to ensure energy markets deliver competitive prices.
In response to those still claiming that prices are coming down thanks to liberalisation, IFIEC provides evidence showing that wholesale electricity prices have risen 50% since 2002.
IFIEC is also critical of the EU's nascent CO2 emissions trading scheme, which it claims could mean an extra Euro 8-12/MWh on electricity prices.
Williams (IFIEC, large energy consumers) replaces D.
de Palacio meets a delegation from EFT (European Transport Federation), and Manfred Seeger, President of IFIEC (International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers), and Anne Lauvergeon, President Director General of COGEMA (Compagnie generale des matieres nucleaires).- July 25: Mr.