IFIFInternational Feed Industry Federation
IFIFInternational Foundation for Internal Freedom
IFIFInterracial Families in Friendship (Ohio)
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The inaugural International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF Sudan 2014), which opened today at the Al Salam Rotana, Khartoum, saw more than 250 leaders in the international Islamic banking and finance industry engage in high profile discussions that focused on aACAyFast-Tracking the Accessibility of Islamic Finance in AfricaaACAO.
"IFIF's additional infusion in MHFC reaffirms the Fund's belief in the company's vision, the scalability of its business model, and the management.
Not only does this picture speak volumes about the command's hydraulic contamination-control program, it also demonstrates their attitude toward tool control IfIf "ism and the control of consumables.
And, ifif we can go there and start brightly, their fans do tend to get on your back if you're not playing well.
What were some of the main highlights of the recent IFIF 2016 for you?
The second IFIF was built on the success of the first one launched in 2014, and has thus attracted a larger audience and a wealthy selection of speakers on topics which are vital to the intended audience--the theme of 'Innovation, Inclusion and Infrastructure' spanned from topics such as social media to key areas for spurring economic growth in Africa.
The International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF Sudan 2014) is being convened on the 9th and 10th of December 2014 at the Al Salam Rotana, Khartoum, and will feature high-profile discussions that will seek to capture the Africa opportunity for Islamic finance.
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Jordan will host next month the First Islamic Finance and Investment Forum for the Middle East IFIF to discuss the role, functions and responsibilities of central banks in Islamic banking, Islamic funds & alternative investments and the situation of Islamic finance in the Middle East.
More recently, the FAO, in partnership with the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), prepared a Manual of Good Practices for the Feed Industry.
Summary: The International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF) gathered powerhouses from across the global Islamic finance industry in Khartoum, Sudan