IFISIntraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome
IFISInternational Food Information Service
IFISIntegrated Flight Information System
IFISIslamic Finance Information Service
IFISIntegrated Financial Information System (accounting)
IFISInternational Flight Inspection Symposium
IFISInternet Flight Information Service (New Zealand)
IFISIndustry File Information System (environment)
IFISInstitute for Infrastructure Surety (US)
IFISInternational Food Information System
IFISInstrument Flight Instructors School
IFISInternational Federation of Information Processing
IFISIowa Flood Information System (University of Iowa)
IFISIntegriertes Führungs- & Information System (German CVC2 System)
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The rate of complications in this study (11%) was within the expected range, but a little higher than that found in previous studies (7-12%) [1, 22] in IFIS cases, despite the surgeons in our hospital being experienced in IFIS treatment.
It is known that the risk of IFIS cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced by discontinuing [alpha]-blockers.
During last few years,government has not issued any major Sukuks, which is putting Islamic Financial Industry (IFI) at disadvantageous position as compared to their conventional financial partners.
After the concurrence of the SAB, the SECP approved the above-mentioned standards for adoption by IFIs with certain amendments/clarifications as suitable for the capital market.
The preponderance of global risk management tools favouring conventional financial practices makes the task of managing risks in IFIs a greater challenge.
"An additional aim of the programme is to explore ethical and governance issues that make IFIs successful or cause failures.
Ford was the past honorary co-chair of the Committee created in 1983 at the suggestion of two former Treasury officials - Secretary Henry Fowler and Deputy Secretary Charls Walker, who saw the need for an organized effort to ensure that leading citizens spoke about the importance of the IFIs. Other prominent Committee members include Paul A.
We estimated trends from the annual proportion of risk factor-associated IFIs in the corresponding risk population.
La Scogliera, which is controlled by Banca IFISa[euro](tm) founder and board chairman Sebastien Egon Furstenberg, placed an aggregate 6m shares in Banca IFIS at a price of EUR9.10 apiece, it said.
It will also provide guidance for issuance of new laws, rules and regulations for effective monitoring and supervision of Islamic Financial Products and to suggest ways and means for development of IFIs and ICMs in the country.
With limited investment options available, IFIs tend to maintain higher levels of very low-yielding cash and Islamic interbank placements on their balance sheet, thus partly sacrificing profitability to sustain their liquidity positions.