IFKIInstitut für Kommunikation und Interaktion (Switzerland)
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'Later, after the YYA-1 well is declared dead it will be monitored for a full 24 hours before proceeding to the process of plug and abandon or permanent well closure,' said Ifki.
'Simple education about healthy living is expected to increase public understanding, especially children of the importance of maintaining health,' Ifki said.
Ifki added, mangrove was chosen because it is one component of coastal ecosystems that plays an important role, both in maintaining the productivity of coastal waters and in supporting the lives of residents around the area.
Initial data collection is expected to take 2-5 days, 'Ifki explained.
'The value to be determined will certainly refer to the applicable rules, adjusted to the regional price of goods and services that take into account the appropriateness, appropriateness and fairness,' Ifki added.
'The entire PHE ONWJ Health Posts every day on average serve about 500 people, including mobile doctor services from Karawang to Bekasi, to serve people who are difficult to reach and people who are elderly,' explained Ifki.
To support the service, continued Ifki, PHE ONWJ has also prepared an ambulance with a standard emergency that is equipped with an automatic heart defibrillator (AED), anticipating emergency actions for people affected by heart attacks.
Or even though there are some who escaped, the number was reduced to a minimum, 'explained Ifki.
To handle oil spill in the ocean, continued Ifki, PHE ONWJ continues to alert 4 units of oil skimmer and 44 ships for combat oil spill, temporary shelter, patrol & standby firefighting.
'Drilling a relief well, aka a new well (YYA-1RW) to inject fluid in the form of heavy mud so that the YYA-1 well can be permanently closed,' said Ifki.
They also have their health checked by the medical team that we have prepared, 'Ifki explained.
According to Ifki Sukarya, community groups around the operation have been prepared and provided with the knowledge and skills to carry out event handling activities to reduce and minimize environmental impacts.